Listen here Facebook. You will not win!  Your psycho analytical profiling and testing of negative media in a user’s newsfeed is angering me, depressing me, and since I know what you’re doing – pissing me off.  Yes, I am a Black man, strong, proud, and a warrior at heart.  Yes, I have protested, stood up, and fought with my dollars and with my presence to have certain freedoms awarded, protected, and provided for me.  Yes, I have a young Black son that will, like his father, grow to be an even stronger Black man with a greater sense of purpose and compassion for humanity than even I.

I will protect and defend his honor, name, dignity, and freedoms at all costs.  That includes protecting him from me if necessary.   What I mean by that is that I will not allow you to continue to alter my state of being and turn me into an angry, cranky, irritable man that may accidentally take his frustrations out on his loved ones – including his young warrior prince.

Protecting my son from all outside influences does not only cause me to censor the movies he watches – including some from Disney, the music he listens to – including pretty much EVERYTHING on the radio, but also from me – if necessary.  If I, as his teacher, leader, provider and protector do not defend my fortress from outside influences then how else will he learn?

Since he is not ready for battle then I must fight his fight for him.  One of the easiest battles I can win is to make sure my fortress is secure for his sake.


I am going on a short hiatus from you, Facebook. I will check back within three days to see if you have relinquished the noose from around my neck from the barrage of negative news clippings and media rants about Ferguson, Missouri, and other related news about the legalized lynching that is being allowed in MY country.  If I am not pleased with the quality of posts in my news feed I will take another seven day hiatus. And since I will not be checking my Facebook I will not know how many comments or likes I get to this post, and I really don’t care.