Here are 19 simple lessons I’ve learned about dating over the years. I’m sure there are way more, but these are the ones that stick out to me the most this morning. If you have anything else that you think I left off leave them in the comments below and we can build a more comprehensive list.


1. Beautiful women cost money. That’s just the way it is.

2.  Do not attempt to have dinner at your house (or her house) for the first five dates.

3.  No real man takes a woman out for coffee as the first date.  Not sure if you like her?  Talk to her on the phone for a week first, and then take her out on a REAL date.

4.  ALWAYS pay for the first date (no matter who asks whom).

5.  When at a bar or club understand that a phone number costs $10. Offer to buy her a drink; just do it!!!
– Even better, ask the bartender what she’s drinking and order her a second one (without asking her).

6.  Always stand when a lady leaves or sits down to a table. Yes, it’s very old fashioned but if you want to stand out and be remembered after tonight these little things make a big difference.

7.  Pull out her chair when you’re sitting at the table.  No, you’re not being thirsty; you’re being a gentleman.

A lion that doesn’t hunt is rebranded as a carcass. Even an independent woman wants an assertive man.
– Shaun Parsons

8.  If she’s sitting next to you at dinner unfold her napkin and drape it across her lap.

9.  That reminds me; take her to a place that has cloth napkins – unless you’re going for something super casual and fun.

10.  If you want the second date ask her for it at the end of the first date; not on the phone when you get home.

11.  Don’t kiss on the first date, ever!!!  Learn to be patient and make her wait for it.  Trust me it’s worth it.  Romantic in-congruence creates confusion, passion, and desire.

12.  Don’t talk about her body, or figure, or curves. She knows you want to sleep with her; that’s why you asked her out on a date any way.  Just let it be, and keep those comments to yourself.

13.  Don’t get caught staring at any body parts. You saw them once (or twice). Take a mental snapshot, and leave it alone.  You’ve seen enough ass in your day so one more will not change a single thing in your life.

14.  Open all doors; cars, buildings, gates, and even fences. Open it and move it out of the way for her.

15.  Let her talk. We know you want to talk about how great you are, how much money you have, and how fancy your apartment is, but you’re here to find out more about her.

16.  Speaking of: stop talking about how great you are, how much money you make, or the career you have. Let her figure that out on her own. Mystery creates desire.

17.  Mention your ex (unless the convo absolutely calls for it) and you’re done.

18.  I don’t care how good looking you are, unless you’re a celebrity don’t expect any woman to just walk up to you and take the initiative.  Grow some balls and show some respect for yourself man! Approach her!!

19.  Man up!! If you’re not confident enough to walk up to a woman and start a conversation you can’t expect anything else from the (lack of) interaction.  Not sure how?  Stick around, and I’ll show you.