The trends are changing with the grooming habits of today’s modern man.  This infographic shows what we’ve been purchasing. What it doesn’t state is why the increase in purchase of grooming products over the years.  The impetus is that we are much more aware of our looks and want to be more attractive and appealing. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to increase your chances at getting a date by being more attractive what I’m wondering is are you doing so by purchasing more and expensive grooming products?

Is this true fellas? Has your grooming budget increased primarily so you can be more attractive or has the cost of your favorite product skyrocketed?

What this infographic also shows is that we are buying a lot of intimates for our ladies.  Are you buying just as much underwear for your lady as you are for yourself?  And costume jewelry?  When did we learn about this?  Leave your comments below fellas.   What unusual thing are you purchasing for your lady?

Mens Grooming Habits Are Changing