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Food & Recipes

Strawberry Balsamic Chutney and Goat Cheese Bruschetta

By  •  2 years ago

Our first recipe embraces bright red color in these very tasty bites that you can serve before the main meal with either a chilled glass of white wine or a mellow red, like a Merlot. This recipe takes Strawberries to the savory side while retaining a small sum of their natural sweetness to balance the …

Money & Power

Facebook Will Not Win

By  •  3 years ago

Listen here Facebook. You will not win!  Your psycho analytical profiling and testing of negative media in a user’s newsfeed is angering me, depressing me, and since I know what you’re doing – pissing me off.  Yes, I am a Black man, strong, proud, and a warrior at heart.  Yes, I have protested, stood up, and …

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Physical Beauty or Inner Beauty?

By  •  3 years ago

How many men have the strength to be strong for someone else?   How many of us can be secure for someone who – legitimately – grew up very insecure? How many of us can look past a woman’s physical flaws and see the beauty, strength and God within? Are you secure enough and strong …

Sex... & Dating

What if the Law Allowed Men to Hit Women?

By  •  3 years ago

Today I heard my seven year old son teaching the noticeably larger dog that was picking on (in his mind) the smaller, vulnerable cat in his iPad-based video game to, “Pick on someone your own size!”  Instantly, it clicked for me. We should allow men to legally hit women and see what happens. I bet …

Sex... & Dating

19 Life Lessons About Dating

By  •  3 years ago

Here are 19 simple lessons I’ve learned about dating over the years. I’m sure there are way more, but these are the ones that stick out to me the most this morning. If you have anything else that you think I left off leave them in the comments below and we can build a more …