11 Steps to Building a Real Business Using Social Media

  1. Decide on a name for your business and search for its availability in your state’s Secretary of State web site, but don’t buy it just yet.
  1. If your desired name is available then buy a matching URL (I strongly suggest purchasing the .com, .net, and .org) to help protect your brand.
  1. Get a free TIN or EIN for your business from the IRS. Gotta pay those taxes properly.
  1. Once you have the name that you like and have found a domain that matches then you can go back to your Secretary of State’s web site and incorporate your business. It’s better to buy the domain first (and risk $10) than to incorporate your company name only to find out that all of the good domains have already been taken (and risk $100+).
  1. Next, you’ll need to open a bank account for your business. Most likely they’ll open a DBA for you, and that is fine for now.
  1. This strategy can be used with both, your social media following, or by building a list of mobile subscribers.

Pro Tip: Mobile is more effective when communicating with your members, but building a list of followers on social media is way easier and faster.  I highly recommend using Instagram to build your list of followers, and convert them over to your mobile list over time.

Now that you’ve done all of that you’ll want to set up social media accounts for your business in all of the major social media platforms.  At the time of this writing that would be the following:

My suggestion is that you set up the accounts on every platform – even if you don’t plan on using it.  Just protect your brand and own your name in as many places as possible.

  1. Decide if the list you’re going to build is going to be a national list or local list. That will help determine what kind of clients you go after and what kind of offers you’re going to promote.

 Pro Tip: A list of local followers will allow you to easily approach local businesses about sponsoring posts on your feed.

  1. Build a targeted list of subscribers by publishing no less than 10 pieces of content on each social media platform. They should be a mix of branded posts, comedic posts, product related posts, inspirational posts, and educational posts, and maybe even a conversion/offer post all about your web site, your offers, and relative industry.
  1. You can do this all in one day or over the course of five days, but make sure you have all ten BEFORE you start inviting your friends and subscribers to join your social media pages and accounts.
  1. Once you’ve amassed at least 10,000 (at least 5,000 if you’re going to focus on your local area) subscribers/followers/fans you can then use your targeted subscribers to start sending promotional offers to them. Don’t worry, before we finish this document I’ll show you how to get the clients you need to start making money from your social media list.
  1. One of the most important parts of your marketing strategy is to get your customers on your mobile, email, or social list. You want to remind your followers/fans/subscribers that you have better offers that are only sent to your VIP mobile (or DM) list (make sure this is true), and follow through with this effort.
  1. How to create that mobile list? That, you will learn as you read the rest of this credo.


Building the List:

We all know that the power behind any business is its customer list.  The more value you provide, the better your relationship with, and the more targeted customers or subscribers on your list the more money you stand to make.  Now we just have to get people on that list.Keep in mind that you will not be directly selling to this list.  The fact is, your subscribers will actually want to receive your mobile messages and will gladly patronize your business since you will be making promotional offers to your list.  And because you can reach your list over and over again it becomes like pure gold, and they will quickly become repeat customers.

First rule; be kind to your list.  Don’t send junk messages.  Use your best judgment about the offers that you send, and don’t ever send more than two promotional messages in one day.  You have the power to negotiate some pretty good deals for your list and offer any deal you want.  Once your list starts receiving good offers, your subscriber list may start to grow on its own just through word of mouth. What this means to you is that as your list becomes bigger, it becomes more valuable. And when you are sending out high-quality offers, your list is going to get big fast.

Abusing your list by sending too many messages or offers that are not relevant or invaluable is a quick way to diminish the value and size of your list.

A targeted list is really like money in the bank and with this system, you are going to build a list of highly targeted subscribers that are interested in receiving coupons and daily special deals on their cell phones, in their DM, on their time lines from your business. Once you have a list, you can get started with making special promotional offers.

One of the fastest ways to get started is to target geographically. Marketing to potential customers in your immediate area is a very easy way to use convenience to your advantage.  If you’re around a college campus you’re in luck.  The reason for this is there is usually a large concentration of restaurants, lounges and clubs in areas around colleges – and upscale sections of any major city.  Those businesses cater to the patrons in their immediate area.

We all know that the most active mobile and social media participants are young adults from 13 – 29 year olds and the teen, college, and young professional demographics fit perfectly into that age range.