Want to Earn More Money? Give Your Customers More Added Value

Why Adding Value Equals Adding Profits

When I was doing research for the Socially Mobile Credo, something very interesting happened…

One day, I got curious about how many people were searching for the things I was writing about.  Terms like “business building” and “social and mobile marketing” and “opportunistic thinking”.

Know what I found? Not much.  Not much at ALL.  Now, most digital marketers would see those results and think, “I’m moving on— nobody cares about this stuff, so there’s no money to be made here.”

After all: Isn’t that what we’ve been taught since the very beginning? If the search numbers aren’t there, it’s not worth exploring – right?  But not me.  I had an epiphany.

From this so-called “problem” I could see an opening that desperately needed to be filled… a glaring hole in the Internet marketing landscape that could be summed up with one word.


I realized that it wasn’t about creating a product and marketing to whatever niche got the highest search numbers.  It was about offering people something they could sink their teeth into right away and put into action.

Something that would bring value – true value – to their lives.  For free.

If I could just do that, I would never be thought of as a marketer by my prospects.  Instead of being the boorish party crasher, I’d be the guest of honor at their parties.  They’d gladly give me all the attention I needed from them.

I’d be the trusted friend they looked forward to hearing from and whose e-mails they’d open first.  And I figured, every one of these people is “the most trusted person on the planet” – a peer — to dozens or even scores of others and would send those friends to me.

And when they visited blogs, forums, YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites, they’d be praising me – and more importantly, the free gift I’d sent them – to the high heavens …  and they’d send me hundreds, even thousands of their friends and anyone who saw their postings.

For free.

Sure, it was unorthodox.  Heck: It was worse than that – giving away tremendous value for free was marketing heresy.  It broke every marketing rule in the book.  But dammit, I just knew it was the only way to do it right.

As I remember making that decision now, I have to chuckle a little.  Because when my friends, colleagues, and coaching students in the business heard that I was going to do this, they went absolutely bonkers.

Half said, “Give away something this valuable FOR FREE? Are you out of your fucking mind, Parsons?”

And the other half – the half that understood the true power of the secrets in that first book – begged me, ”Please don’t let this information out, Shaun.  Let’s keep it to ourselves and clean up.”

But I had a gut feeling about this.  I knew I was right.  So I did it anyway.  And the results were nothing short of phenomenal…


From Anonymous to Authority in 40 Pages

Once The Credo hit the online community.  I instantly became recognized.

People were calling me, talking about me, blogging about me, asking for my advice.  I gotta admit—it was kinda cool.  But it was also kinda scary.

It seemed like everyone wanted to talk to me.  The phone was ringing off the hook day and night.  My girlfriend was having too much fun with it (“Oooooh you’re THEE Shaun Parsons,” she would coo with a wink and a smile).  It was CRAZY!

But then, something amazing happened…

I launched the book, training course, and software program based on the teachings of the Credo, offering it to approximately 5,000 opt-ins.  And we raked in quite a bit of business from it too; really quickly.  I don’t say that to blow my own horn.  I’m trying to make a very important point here:

I came out of nowhere and established myself as an authority in this marketplace in a very short time.  And it paid off for me handsomely.  Still does.

There’s no reason why you can’t do the same.  If you’re passionate about something… if you have definite strengths… if you’re willing to go the extra mile to make it happen… then you, too can be considered an authority figure in your niche within a year–possibly even within a month.

And when that happens, it’s only a matter of time before the money train starts rolling in.


From Authority To Brand With Free Content

Amazingly enough, it didn’t stop there.  I took the momentum that the Socially Mobile Credo provided and started my own holding company, Parsons Collective, with a staff of nearly half a dozen people.

Then I released multiple complementary video training and software products–which dove even further into some of the principles introduced in the Socially Mobile Credo and answered some nagging questions my readers had.  This resulted in more buzz, more accolades, more trust in the marketplace, and more sales of my products.

Using that Credo as my main marketing and promotional campaign made a lot of money for Parsons Collective.  But it also did something else… something that has even more long term significance.

It created a brand that’s unequaled in the marketplace today.  A brand that’s looked to as an industry leader.  A brand that says “trust”, “authority”, “confidence”, and “assuredness”.  And it all came from 100% free content.

See what I’m getting at here?

You don’t have to hammer your prospects over the head with email offers to gain trust and build rapport.  That’s the old way of marketing, and the old way is dying fast.

Just give them something of value for free that they can use right away, and do it often.  This one small move will establish you as an authority in their market… and someone they’ll have no trouble spending money with, time and time again.  But enough about me…

Let’s think about how you can use my breakthrough to create a stampede of new prospects and customers – and millions of dollars in sales – starting right now; today.