Why is Having Your Audience’s Attention So Important?

Want proof that attention has great value? Just check this out…

A recent study reported that if given the choice, more than 70% of all men between 21 and 39 would give up pay for more time with their families.  Put simply, nearly three-quarters of these guys would gladly “buy back” some of the attention they’re giving their jobs and businesses — and then give that attention to their wives and kids instead.

Hardly surprising – right? After all: Study after study shows we are working harder, worrying more, sleeping less, and having a very difficult time balancing everything that demands our attention.

Everyone has a lot less attention to spare.  Getting lots of attention has become more difficult… and more valuable.  You with me so far? Great!

The question then is, “Just how valuable is attention today, anyway?”

 Trump Strumpet Cashes In…

Remember Marla Maples? The blonde bombshell who had an affair with Donald Trump while he was still married to Ivana (tsk, tsk, tsk), then eventually became his girlfriend?

When Marla suddenly discovered her most intimate secret was now headline news, she got plenty of attention – in every newspaper, magazine, and broadcast outlet on the face of the planet.

Now, Marla was no dummy.  She turned all the attention she was getting into cold, hard cash.  Her fame as “the notorious other woman” earned Marla a $600,000 endorsement deal with No Excuse Jeans.

Now, ask yourself: Why would any corporation hand a home-wrecker more than half a million dollars?

Because she had everybody’s attention at that time.  No Excuse needed attention to sell its product.  So some bright adman convinced Marla to sell them some of the attention she was getting for dilly-dallying with The Donald.

She agreed.  They cut the check.  She appeared in their commercials.  Sales soared.  Isn’t that romantic?


How Getting Attention Turned a Poor College Kid Into an Instant Millionaire

A few years back, college student Alex Tew had the brilliant idea to sell a million pixels on a Web page screen for one dollar a piece.

Soon the buzz started, catching the attention of a lot of people through the media, blogs, and word of mouth.  Next, the national media heard about Alex’s brilliant idea and plastered his name, face and URL everywhere.  Suddenly, Alex and his Million Dollar Home Page had the world’s attention.

Advertisers wanted to buy some of the attention Alex was getting to promote their own products.  So they ponied up the $1 per pixel to place their ads on his site.  And Alex pocketed a cool million.

So if you ask Alex Tew what the value of his attention would be, what do you think he would say? My guess is something along the lines of six zeros!


 “Being Famous for Being Famous Pays $27 Million a Year


I saved the best example of the value of attention for last…

Let me tell you about this little princess.  For the past several years, she’s made well over $20 million a year.  Last year she did even better–$27 million plus.

How did she make all this money? Simple.  She gets attention—lots and lots of attention.  Can you guess who I’m talking about? If you guessed Kim Kardashian, you’re right.

Did you know that Kim still earns six figures just for going to a nightclub? It’s true: Club owners need attention for their businesses just like the rest of us.  They know that the day after Kim sets foot in their establishment, anything that happens will be all over the TV, radio, newspapers, and the Internet.

And they know that the next night and for many nights to come, paying customers will line up to get into their clubs just because Kim did (and of course because they hope that Kim will show up again).

Now, I’m not going to bash Kim, but honestly—what’s she good at?

She can’t act.  Can’t sing.  Can’t play an instrument (that I know of).  She’s not a sports star or a famous designer or a popular news anchor — and heaven knows she’s no Nobel-Prize-winner.

All Kim does is get attention.  And that, my friend, pays VERY well in the Mindshare Mavenship.  Here’s why: If Kim Kardashian started wearing your product or talking about your product, YOU would get attention and your sales would go through the roof.

She owns a piece of the American Mindshare, and that is exactly what all of this is all about.