Dynamic Communication Systems

Setup the Right Systems So You Can Automate and Scale Your Business While Still Providing Tremendous Value

Get my exact five-step formula needed to create excellent content needed to acquire, communicate, and monetize your customer list.

System 1: CLARITY: Is your goal to not have to deal directly with clients and individual accounts, and to be able to set up an organization where you can concentrate on growing the business without all of those distractions? In this system you will discover how to create and clearly communicate your vision to your business. If they don’t know the vision, they will make decisions based on what is best for them, verses what is best for the firm. You will be able to create a crystal clear path to where you are going, what you need to do, and what to say ‘no’ to.

System 2: POSITIONING: Discover how to become an authority in your market, where you are attracting your ideal accounts, and not having to deal with the small accounts that eat up all your time. Position your company as “The Choice” vs “A Choice.”

System 3: OFFERING: Discover the winning formula for the order of services and products you should offer, what you should charge for your services that will be extremely profitable?

System 4: PROSPECTING: Identify what and where you need to be in order to increase and convert your leads into opportunities. From the low hanging fruit that can bring in immediate revenue, outbound strategies, inbound strategies, how to build the right strategic partnerships, and how your agency can capture and convert the ideal leads and opportunities.

System 5: DELIVERY: Find ways to streamline your delivery for more profit, avoid scope creep, and learn how to take on more work with limited resources. Get the exact process for protecting yourself on delivering work to the client including all of the documents we used: change order forms, creative brief, questionnaires. Also, learn ways to interpret what the client really wants, obtain sign-offs, and so much more.

Social Automation

  • Instantly sell your products directly from Instagram
  • Instantly sell your products directly from Facebook
  • Instantly sell your products from Twitter
  • Get reports and analytics for each social network to track your progress
  • Post videos and photos with captions (give each photo/video it’s own caption…)
  • Get followers based on their location
  • Discover how to post messages automatically 24 hours day
  • Follow, unfollow, like, unlike, comment, and send Direct Messages automatically.
  • Find and follow users based on keywords or hashtags
  • Follow everyone that is following a particular user
  • Follow everyone that a particular user is following
  • Find and follow users who posted with a specific hashtag or keyword
  • Follow custom list of users (your own list of users)
  • Follow back your followers
  • Follow a user’s followers and like/comment on certain number of photos of each follower simultaneously
  • Follow private users (or purposefully exclude them)
  • Follow users who liked particular photos
  • Follow users who commented on particular photos
  • Unfollow only users not following you back
  • Auto-blacklist unfollowed users
  • Comment on popular photos
  • Auto-scrape comments posted to photos by other users and use those comments to comment on different photos.
  • Auto-save to disk all photos of a user, photos by hashtags… and also reuse the photos…
  • White-list users (special list of users who should not be unfollowed…)
  • Blacklist users (users who should not be followed, users whose photo/media should not be liked or commented on…)
  • … and so much more

Sales Automation

  • Automatically create up sells, down sells, cross sells, one-time offers, back-end promotions
  • Create custom Thank you pages where you can place additional offers if you’d like
  • Create instant BUY NOW buttons and options allowing users to have a near one-click checkout experience
  • Automatically save abandoned carts to help capture lost sales
  • Allow users to sign up to your newsletter on the check-out page
  • Create multiple newsletters and email lists to better segment your customers
  • Sell physical products, digital products, drop-shipped products, services, events, and 59 appointments
  • Get a mobile app to manage all of it
  • Give your customers a mobile app to shop with you

Email Automation

  • Product Launcher – use a series of videos to help launch your flagship product on autopilot.
  • Recorded Webinar – one of the best tools to sell your product online, a recorded webinar sequence is a powerful weapon.
  • Email Sequence – use this as a way to follow up with people that went through the Product Launcher and the Recorded webinar but still had not made a purchase.
  • Reciprocity Campaign – it is known that when you give something of value away for free, people feel indebted to you and will purchase your products based as a show of gratitude.
  • Secretive Survey – this 4 question, 30 second survey is designed to bring in sales without your customers knowing they’re being sold.
  • 3-Day Sale – use this sequence, with a built-in countdown timer, to offer a great discount to your audience on one of your best selling products.
  • 3-Day Sale (part 2) – this is the same as above, but this time there is no time. You end the sale when you feel like.
  • Product Launcher – use a series of videos to help launch your flagship product on autopilot.
  • Soft Serve Sell – this is one of the most effective sales strategies we employ. It mixes valuable content with a powerful offer in the least intrusive manner possible.